Collaborative search is a brilliant idea, executed well by Zakta.  In inno360, the application of this technology enables the kind of landscape research and expert identification that has never been possible before!  inno360

The perfect solution for the dreaded "collaborative group project" is finally here.  The Zakta Classrooms app is an intelligent solution for educators eager to engage students in structured online collaborative projects.  From a teacher's perspective, Zakta Classrooms offers us both educational and evaluation components.  –Rodney D'Souza, NKU

Zakta's collaborative search is the first genuine innovation in search that the market has seen in a long time.  This has tremendous applications in R&D.  Franz Dill, R&D Expert, ex-P&G

Zakta provided an innovative collaborative curation platform for assembling and presenting the best information on the history of advertising for the Museum of Advertising online site. The responsiveness of the Zakta team made it easy for us to deliver curated online exhibits on various topics related to advertising history.  –Pete Healy, Museum of Advertising

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