Universal Content Access: Access content from anywhere including The Internet, the Deep Web, Enterprise Repositories, Employees’ Computers, Tacit Knowledge

Visual Discovery: Visually discover relevant information from all connected sources from one single interface, leveraging real-time semantic clustering, semantic suggestions and advanced visualizations

Curation: Sift and organize, annotate, semantically tag content, upload files and manage revisions using simple, integrated projects

Purposeful Collaboration: Purposefully collaborate with teammates in real-time or asynchronously within projects, and stay on top of additions and changes with a live updating stream

Expertise Management: Organize the expertise within your enterprise using a combination of declared expertise and inferred / learned expertise

Organizational Knowledge Graph: Tap into an automatically constructed and dynamically maintained knowledge graph representing all your knowledge assets, expertise, projects, connections … your Enterprise Wisdom!

Technologies in the Zakta Platform

Scalable Information Aggregation: Layered architecture that enables large scale discovery of content from any source from inside the company or on the Web, including subscription content sources and Deep Web databases. Unstructured data, semi-structured data and structured data sources can be included in the mix. Intelligent indexing of data using augmented open source technologies, and live connection into existing investments in proprietary technologies are both possible to gain the highest leverage in current technology investments. A scalable federated search layer is also available.

Semantic Analysis: Semantic guided hierarchical clustering enables rapid consumption of large volumes of data by organizing them on the fly, regardless of the original sources from which the content was accessed. A tailorable semantic network enables semantic suggestions to assist in discovery.

Advanced Visualizations: Advanced visualizations help find the exact artifacts of information needed in any given context and augment visual discovery.

Machine Learning: Entity extractors enable richer information extraction to improve the discovery process. Information classification using machine learning based classifiers enable structured information organization to the unstructured semantic guided hierarchical clustering for improved findability.

Integrated Collaborative Spaces: Patent-pending approach to blend scalable visual discovery with purposeful real-time collaboration or asynchronous collaboration using an innovative collaborative project space. Curation of useful content, semantic tagging and social communications and interactions between trusted teammates enrich the discovery and organization of all the relevant information needed for any given purpose. Automated alerts enable continuous awareness of new and changing content relevant to the team’s needs.

Adaptive Expertise Management: A novel approach to managing a person’s expertise by using a combination of declared expertise and inferred expertise through continuous analysis of a person’s interactions with other team members and the purposes and topics entailed in those interactions using machine learning.

Trust-based Networking: A patented approach to building connections between one person and others they trust and others who trust them based on topics of interest or expertise. Dramatically improves the value and relevance of information flows and collaboration within networks.

Wisdom Base: Listening to continuously flowing signals of connections, topics, entities, team members, interactions, and more across the entire system, brings together a dynamic knowledge graph which represents access to the collective wisdom of teams.

"Collaborative Search is a brilliant idea, executed well by Zakta."
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