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Streamline online and social media research.
Cut your research time in half!

Challenges in Marketing Research

We live in a "Big Content" world, one in which online and social media content continues to explode, impacting many aspects of a business.

Researchers in marketing are faced with this dilemma: They have to choose between free, underpowered research tools that consume a lot of valuable time, OR get expensive, high-end tools that blow their budget and still aren't flexible enough to meet their needs!

The Solution - Zakta Marketing

Zakta helps you research the web and social media visually with ease. Marketing researchers can say goodbye to blunt tools and ten blue links, scattered bookmarks, re-work and wasted time, and hello to more happy clients.

Visually search the Web, YouTube, over 80,000 news sources, 10s of millions of blogs, millions of discussion forums, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and save valuable time

Create a project space for each of your research projects, save and organize all your research findings and documents in one place, and eliminate the frustration of having to find what you had already found

Collaborate or share with team mates and / or clients and streamline sharing of information

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