Social Learning

Challenges in Learning

The 2011 Horizon Report calls out many trends that are impacting the future of education: social learning, collaborative work, learning anywhere and any time are among the key challenges facing education and educators.

Another general challenge that affects educators is information overload. The content universe is exploding, giving rise to information, ideas, and opinions on all sorts of interesting topics, but following even some of the hundreds of available authorities means sifting through a mountain of information on a weekly or daily basis. There is a greater need than ever for effective tools and filters for finding, interpreting, organizing, and retrieving the data that is important to us.

The Solution

Zakta’s Social Intelligence Platform is ideally suited to help solve many of the challenges cited.

  • Social learning / collaborative learning involving student(s) and teacher(s) can readily be supported using Zakta‚Äôs zSpace technology.
  • Distance learning initiatives can be powered using Zakta‚Äôs zSpace technology which is a great fit to enable outbound information dissemination, collaborative research and group learning.
  • For student group projects, Zakta‚Äôs zSpace technology can help students develop much needed collaborative work skills, while providing the educator with deep insights into the mechanics of such group work.
  • For collaborative research, Zakta's technology is a perfect fit that will help with ‚Äúfinding, interpreting, organizing, and retrieving the data that is important to us‚ÄĚ.

Zakta’s Social Intelligence Platform is available for licensing and embedding into the current and next generation of educational technology solutions.

Zakta has also developed a specialized application based on its Social Intelligence Platform, called zLearn. It is a packaged solution that enables teachers / educators to create a digital classroom that can include all educators / staff members involved in that classroom, and also students involved in it, and providing teachers and students alike with the ability to create and share any number of ‚Äúprojects‚ÄĚ for collaborative research, distance learning, group projects or information dissemination. The zLearn application is available for customization, whitelabeling and distribution by organizations in the Education / Learning markets.

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