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Boost Research Productivity and Accelerate Innovation

zResearch - Boost research productivity zResearch is a research tool designed from the ground up to boost research productivity and accelerate innovation by combining comprehensive search, semantics, visualization, curation and collaboration into a single integrated interface.

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What is zResearch?

zResearch is a cloud-based collaborative research solution that allows you to:

  • Efficiently Search and Curate content from anywhere
  • Effectively Collaborate in your research efforts, and
  • Tap into the Social Intelligence of your team.

Who Can Use It?

  • Researchers in the following roles can readily benefit from zResearch:
  • Scientific Research
  • Medical Research
  • Chemical / Materials Research
  • IP / Prior Art Research
  • Investment Research
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Regulatory Compliance

zResearch Benefits

  • Improved productivity: Collaborative search and curation technology helps user teams, workgroups, and organizations find the best information faster together.
  • Enhanced effectiveness: The transparently growing knowledge base makes it possible to discover information in a timely manner when needed in the future.
  • Fitted to your needs: Extensible architecture facilitates rapid integration and customization of all relevant proprietary as well as premium content sources into the platform.
  • Low cost of ownership: Secure, private, cloud-based deployment, dramatically lowers the cost of development, integration, maintenance and total cost of ownership.

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zResearch Features

Patent-pending zSpace™: A place to conduct your research on a topic by yourself or with collaborators. Brings together search, semantics, curation and collaboration together into one single interface

Comprehensive Search: Search anywhere on the Web, News, Blogs, Social Media, Books, and more

Deep Web Integration: Search Deep Web sources like Patents, Medical information sources, Business information sources, Scientific information sources and more

Customizable Sources: New sources for a specific need can be readily added through customization

Semantics: Semantic suggestions offered for over 4 million topics, to aid better exploration of information

Automatic Clustering: Real-time clustering of search results into topics

Powerful Visualization: Visualize information in form of hierarchical clusters or tree map / heat map

Curation: Save results you want into folders, Hide results you find irrelevant. Sift through search results faster than ever before. Reorganize your findings easily . Start research from where you left off

Trusted Collaboration: Invite trusted peers, collaborators, teammates to research topics with you. Collaborate in real-time, or asynchronously, with full support for both

Collective Wisdom: Tap into team members' thoughts, ideas, comments, through integrated ThoughtStream™, content-centric communication, document sharing with revision control, and chat

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